Entrepreneurship is something that is deeply rooted for the deWinter family, and so is New Brunswick. This business is now in its 3rd generation. The deWinter family started their journey from the Netherlands in 1952. There is an unwavering commitment to family and a very evident passion for hospitality. Since moving to Sussex in 1964 our family has learned so much from the help and support of others. We could write pages on that. We thrive on community because that is how we got to where we are now.

The amount of work and time put in to make this dream, and business sustainable has really brought us great pride. We did what we had to do to make a life, and to run a business. We know without our community we would fail. If we did not work with the best we would fail. There have been hardships, and sacrifices but ultimately the family, the hotels and all the guests who visit are happy and thrilled to visit and we look forward to having you visit our hotels.

As a family of entrepreneurs with interests in the hospitality, real estate and construction industries, the second and third generation of de Winters are ready to keep following their path in the hospitality business together with Choice Hotels, while continuing to make their community a better place.

We care a lot. Our work ethic is top notch and we work to ensure you have a great visit when you stay with us.

We are thrilled about our expansion, We are grateful and thrilled to be growing and we can’t wait for you to stay with us.

Thank You

The deWinter family.